"I love this book. I love this book..."
                                       -Dorothy H. Finley, author of Just Plain Dorothy

How Allen R. Kates, MFAW, can help you get published  

   Not everybody is interested in getting published. Many just want to write a good book for their friends and family. But many others want their book available to business contacts, their community, and the general public. They want their book published to increase their value in a company, an institution or to sell millions of copies like Stephen King. So if they want to impress others or sell on a big scale, the book better be well written and expertly edited.

                Getting published has always been difficult for authors. Today there are relatively quick and inexpensive ways for authors to get published by using Print on Demand (POD), Internet sources, or nearly automated self-publishing companies.

   Over the years, the quality of their books and covers has been getting better and better. However, if photographs are involved, the results are not always the best. Sometimes high quality offset printing is the only solution, and it's not always expensive.

   Many authors are having their books published exclusively online or in electronic media such as ebooks like Amazon's Kindle or Barnes & Noble's Nook. Despite enthusiastic supporters of these devices, the long-term value of electronic publishing is still unknown. Many authors are opting to publish both electronically and have their books available on hardcopy through POD or their own publishing companies. Some are recording their books for the audio book market, and others are even having them translated into other languages for distribution in other countries or in multilingual communities at home.

   There are numerous publishing options open to you today. If you wish to set up your own independent publishing company or make use of the many electronic or POD services now available, I can help you make the best choices for your needs.

   However, if you prefer to follow the more traditional route by sending your manuscript to a publisher, here's how I can help...


Free Endorsement Letter

   After I have edited your manuscript, I will write you a letter of endorsement for free if you wish to contact a literary agent, major or even small publisher. Too often good books sit at the bottom of the slush pile and take months for agents or editors to get to them. An endorsement letter from a writing professional familiar with your work is helpful in getting your manuscript looked at right away.

Free Query Letter 

   Query letters are usually written by the author to a prospective literary agent or publisher. After I have edited your manuscript, I will compose your query letter for you for free. Your query letter, along with my letter of endorsement, will go a long way toward getting your manuscript looked at as quickly as possible.

Cover Copy, Testimonials, and Promotional Material 

   If you decide to self-publish your book or use other sources that require you to write the text that will appear on your front and back covers, I will be happy to write your marketing material including cover copy, flyers, news releases and ads at my hourly rate. This includes acquiring testimonials for the back cover and first interior page(s) of the book.

Allen's Publishing Company 

   If your manuscript falls within the parameters of HSP Publishing (Holbrook Street Press), you may wish to consider using my publishing source, as I use this professional outlet to publish my clients' work when they do not want to go through the time-consuming query, submission and waiting process.

   Queries can take months, even years. After a publisher finally accepts a manuscript for publication, it can take, on average, about 18 months for the book to be published.

   HSP Publishing, however, can publish a quality book in less than 2 months after it has been edited and typeset. Authors pay for production costs, but there is no publishing charge. And they have full control over their book and receive not a pitiful royalty, but most of the profits for their hard work.

Dorothy Finley signs her book, Just Plain Dorothy

Here are the basic criteria for publishing with
 HSP Publishing:

HSP Publishing is a small publisher dedicated  to providing exceptionally well-written, gripping, inspirational and comforting books about  overcoming life's obstacles, hardships, conflicts,  adversity or psychological trauma, and offering sources for healing and recovery.

 The book categories include:
  • Memoir
  • Life Story
  • Autobiography
  • Biography
  • Family History
  • Self-help
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Current Affairs

   Although these categories are nonfiction, the publishing company will consider other genres and fiction if they achieve or reach for the goal of healing the heart and soul.

   HSP Publishing endeavors to provide uplifting stories of overcoming life's obstacles and tries to show that people are capable of changing their lives for their own good and for the good of others.

   If you are interested in this publishing source, please click here:  Let's take a meeting and discuss your project.


“Never having had time or opportunity to formally study writing,
I hired Allen to help me write my memoirs of the first 20 years of
my life. Working with him was a joy; he’s an excellent author as
well as teacher. What a delight it was to see my book in print.”

     —Carol Filigenzi, author of memoir, In Defiance We Call Them Mangoes

“My manuscript was a story of intense sorrow and suffering,
but dotted with joyful moments. Thanks to Allen's professionalism
and personal touch, my manuscript was then transformed into a book.”

     —Gerald Duignan, author of memoir, My Life at Marion House


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